Welcome to Central Plains Seed Service. We are your ChannelĀ® SeedPros in Central Kansas!

In addition to ChannelĀ® brand corn, soybean and sorghum seed, we can also provide you with certified seed wheat from Westbred, Syngenta/Agripro and Polansky, as well as oats, forage and alfalfa and a wide variety of cover crop seed.

Hours and Contacts

Like so many things in the agriculture industry, our office hours tend to follow the sun. In the spring and summer you’ll find us here at the shed from about 7:30 until about 5:30 or 6 Monday through Saturday unless we’re out making a delivery. In the winter the days are shorter and so are the hours here at the shed – typically 9:00 until 4:30, M-F. Our phone hours are longer – 7:00am to 10:00pm Monday through Saturday during the summer (11:00 until 6:00 on Sunday), or 8:00 to 5:00 in the winter. Our office number is 620-617-3213, and that rings both our office phones and our cell phones, so you only need to remember that one number.

Our address is 1 NE 210th Street, Great Bend Kansas, 67530. That puts us 7 miles south of Great Bend on US Highway 281, and 1/4 east on the Barton/Stafford county line.